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Rules and Procedure relating to an Adjournment Motion on any sitting day after adjournment of the sittings of the House

The Committee on Parliamentary Business has agreed upon a procedure to take up an adjournment motion for the duration of one hour at the time of adjournment each sitting day. A Member wishing to give notice of an adjournment motion should do so in writing before 12.00 noon of the previous day to the Secretary-General of Parliament through the office of the Leader of the House of Parliament or the Leader of the Opposition to which he belongs. Such motions are taken up at the time of adjournment i.e. at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Once such notice is received by the Secretary-General of Parliament, a copy is sent to the Secretary to the Leader of the House to enable him to forward same to the Ministry concerned for necessary action, specially to inform the Minister to be present in the House to reply and to help him to be sufficiently aware of the motion. Only one adjournment motion is entertained each day. However, the Speaker has powers to disallow a motion in view of an inquiry pending in courts with regard to the contents of the motion, or repetition of similar motion in the same session of the Parliament etc.

Once the adjournment motion is moved by the Member it should be seconded by another Member. After the debate, the Minister concerned has to reply. For the debate 30 minutes are allocated for the Government and 30 minutes are allocated for the Opposition. No vote is allowed on adjournment debates. The above method has been adopted since 1995. Earlier, it had been the practice to ask 10 questions on matters of urgent public importance after the adjournment.


Adjournment Motions taken up with the agreement of the Committee on Parliamentary Business

Adjournment Motions are also taken up with the agreement of the committee on Parliamentary Business. Such motions are taken up for durations to be decided by the said committee.

Utility of Adjournment Motion

It is a very useful method for private Members to attract the attention of the whole House to an issue of urgent public importance at short notice and to urge the Minister concerned to take prompt action.

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