Allowances and Benefits provided to Members of Parliament

1. The following allowances are as revised with effect from 01.01.2017. 

Allowances All the Ministers, Dy. Ministers, State Ministers and Hon. Members of Parliament
Sitting Allowance Rs. 2,500/= for attending each parliamentary meeting.
Committee Allowance Rs. 2,500/= for attending each committee meeting when the committee is held on non-sitting days. (No allowance is paid for attending committee meetings which are held on sitting days).

Office Allowance

Rs. 100,000/= per month to maintain an office.



2. The following allowances are paid at the usual rates without any revision.

Allowances Hon. Ministers, Dy. Ministers and State Ministers Hon. Members
Member Allowance (Salary) long-brace    Not paid by the Parliament Rs. 54,285.00
Entertainment Allowance Rs. 1,000/=
Drivers Allowance Rs. 3,500/=
(Drivers allowance is paid to the Hon. MP only if he isn’t provided a driver from the government)
Fuel Allowance Fuel allowances are paid based on the distance from Parliament to the electoral district which each MP was elected and the approved market price of one litre of diesel on the first day of every month. (e.g.: Colombo 283.94 ltrs. Gampaha & Kaluthara 355.58 ltrs.)

Telephone Allowance

Rs. 50,000/= is paid monthly for land line and mobile. (No payment or reimbursement for telephone bills)
Transport Allowance for personal staff Rs. 10,000/= is paid per month to meet traveling expenses for 4 personal staff to office. (Rs. 2,500/= each)
Free Postage Facilities Stamps amounting to Rs. 175,000/= are issued to each MP annually. (Rs. 43,750/= quarterly)



3. There is no any other payment such as Monitoring Member Allowance, Subsistence Allowance, Housing Allowance, Train Passes or Newspaper Allowance etc.


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Last Updated on 23-01-2018

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